Original Devils Circuit Apparel Solid POLO TEES


It's good to treat yourself after a hard fought Devils Circuit run. This DC pure cotton polo shirt for men with the iconic DC logo on the chest, will surely class up your wardrobe. 

Size Chart

Measurement S M L XL XXL 3XL
Chest(inches) 37.5 39.5 41.5 43.5 45.5 47.5
Across Shoulder(inches) 16.5 17 18 19.5 18.75 20.5
Length(inches) 27 27.75 28.5 29.5 29 30


Additional Information

  • "
    This yellow polo shirt comes in 100% cotton, with half sleeves, and a bright blue strip near the buttons, making for a smart casual wear."


The 'Classier Than Thou' Devils Circuit polo shirt is a smart casual, enabling you to effortlessly move from day into night.

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