Original Devils Circuit Apparel Poly Lycra Tee


  • This cool black T shirt for men, hashtagged #TougherThanYou in bright mustard yellow, embodies the true spirit of a DevilSlayer. When going for a run, pair this with a DC workout training shorts and look young, fit, and in with the times.

Size Chart

Measurement  XS S M L XL
Body length (cm) 62    64 66    68    70   
Chest (cm) 80 84 89 94 99
Waist (cm) 74 78 83 88   93

Additional Information

  • The statement, black round-collar T Shirt in Poly Lycra material is light-weight, making it a smart wear for the summer.


This DC T Shirt will be your go-to gymwear during the hottest days of the month and the comfort you'll seek when enjoying a hike or a bike ride.

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