Original Devils Circuit Apparel Poly Lycra Tee


  • Our Devil Slayers deserve the best in class! Remember thT-Shirt at last obstacle you conquered? Commemorate that with our unique poly lycra t-shirt! Show off your slayer’s spirit ,Wear the Devils Circuit tee, join the tribe of #swiftdevilslayers. Be one of us, today.
  • #tougherthanyou

Size Chart

Measurement  XS S M L XL
Body length (cm) 62    64 66    68    70   
Chest (cm) 80 84 89 94 99
Waist (cm) 74 78 83 88   93

Additional Information

  • Gorgeous unique logo print design
  • Original Devils Circuit branded tee
  • Round neck half sleeve t-shirt
  • Material- Poly Lycra


“Less is more.” These Poly Lycra t-shirts with the stylish logo in a not-so-common design language will surely tilt a few heads.